The Aspire Initiative is an independently run, small-scale social project (currently limited to our community), which aims to teach the English Language to poor children. We believe that a child’s current financial status should not prevent him/her from having the same opportunities as other, more privileged children. We also believe that language empowerment is one of the most fundamental, yet lacking, factors that would lead to an improvement in many children’s lives.

Through Aspire, we want to give poor children a way out from this vicious cycle of poverty that they are stuck in, and give them some hope of a better future. We want to play a role in empowering India. Aspire is a dedicated, purely volunteer-run, not-for-profit organization, and we are always looking for more support (either in the form of volunteers or funding). If you’d like to help out please leave a comment or email us at aspire.oberoi@gmail.com.

  1. Priya Christie says:

    Aha & Shilpa,
    This is just AMAZING man.. I can’t believe you girls started this on your own. It’s one of those things you read about and hope you actually find the time to start on.. but then there’s ALWAYS a reason to procrastinate.. but you girls actually got this going. My parents are blown away by this initiative of yours too, and we just wanna wish you all the very best. And thanks for being an inspiration to the rest of us who OUGHT to be doing something but aren’t :\ this is totally ted.org material!

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