Welcome Back to Term 2!

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Class Recaps, Volunteer Meetings

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great and refreshing two-week Diwali holiday!

In our volunteer meeting after the holidays (16/11/10), we discussed two important things: student recruitment and the themes for upcoming classes. I am very pleased to inform you that our student recruitment flyers – in both Hindi and Marathi – have been successfully made by two of our volunteers, and are now ready to be put up! However, as we found out a week later, we are not allowed to put the flyers up in the elevators. We hope to be able to distribute them among the maids. If this plan does not work, we will have to revert to our original method for student recruitment: word-of-mouth. We are in serious need for students, as we currently have only four regular children, and we hope that these methods will gain us many more.

In addition, we mapped out the themes for the upcoming classes. We have decided that our overall theme until July-August 2011 will be Seasons. The schedule is as follows:

Early – Mid December 2010: Winter

Late December 2010: Christmas

January 2011: New Year, Republic Day, Makr Sankranti (transition of the Sun to Capricorn), and Gandhi Jayanthi

February 2011: reiteration of Winter

March 2011: Holi

May – June 2011: Summer

Late June – July 2011: Monsoon

These themes are not definite for the later months (Feb, March, May, June and July 2011), however, we have already started with the theme of Winter on 27th and 28th November.

The volunteer teacher for that weekend, Ms. Manisha, did an excellent job of introducing Winter to the children. She started by teaching them how seasons are caused by showing a torch to represent the sun, and a globe to represent the Earth. She then taught them a song on seasons, and prepared a chart on the Winter season. Under her guidance, the children divided the chart into four parts – one each for winter food, clothes, festivals and sports. They pasted and labelled pictures of winter clothes and did a worksheet on the topic.

All in all, it was a good weekend for the children. They have learned a lot; and we hope that the two new students we are expecting from the next weekend (4th and 5th December) onwards will be able to catch up!


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