We are 2 months old!

Posted: October 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

Today we are 2 months young. It has been quite a journey …weekly meetings, co-ordination, gathering resources, brainstorming, disappointments….and we are still trying and working hard to take this Initiative Forward. Thanks to all the active volunteers and our sponsors …. we could not have travelled this far without their support and enthusiasm.

The last two weeks have been good. While the number of students remains low – at 4, the good news is that these are regular students. In this situation, it becomes easy to take them all together with the lessons. The schedules have been working well with the teachers. The current theme is “VILLAGE”. We have been experimenting with different methods of teaching ….. introducing the vocabulary through repetitions using tools such as story reading , playing games – throwing ball, making word, fill up the blanks, brainstorming sentences and reading aloud.

A great hit with the children are the story reading sessions and the mini-library. The joy one experiences in seeing the confidence building in the children can only be experienced. One child who used to stammer when it came to talking in English has stopped stammering. This has indeed been a big achievement for all of us. I am overjoyed to share this bit of development with you all.

Going forward, we plan to put up the notices on the classes in Marathi and Hindi. I hope we can do this soon. However, with the festive season coming and the holidays season, perhaps should we repeat this exercise to January ‘ 2011?

Classes are on the coming weekend too. This will be the final week on the theme of Village. We will soon move to the theme “DIWALI”. We are contemplating giving a week-end off during the Diwali vacations.

  1. manisha says:

    I am so proud and happy to hear the progress and the achievements,missing you all as well as my kids,soon will catch up once my guests leave,till then all the best,my best wishes to all the volunteers,teachers and my loving kids,want to join as soon as possible………

  2. Padma says:

    We miss you too! You are always welcome to join in when you are comfortable. Happy Dusheera though belatedly.

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