Volunteer Meeting Recap – Tuesday, 9th September

Posted: September 11, 2010 in Volunteer Meetings

Hi everybody!

We had a volunteer meeting on Tuesday, where we mainly discussed the progress of the children – if or not we’re taking this ahead in the right direction, are they progressing in learning, how we can maintain lesson plan continuity, etc.

We realized that most of the kids are either too shy to speak out, or don’t know how to speak at all, except a few. Also, only two or three kids have been coming for the classes regularly since the initiative started, and so we found it difficult to exactly determine their individual progress. For the moment, we are not going to try and exactly measure their progress, as it is a little early for that, since only six or seven classes have been conducted.

We decided that a structure has to be laid down for each class, since though we plan the activities beforehand, how and when they are going to be done are decided on the spot by the teachers. A proper schedule has to be laid down during the meetings, so that the teachers do not appear confused before the children during the class. We have written down a rough structure for the time being:

1) Game – to revise old vocabulary and bring in the new words like tennis ball game, passing the parcel, etc for 20 MINUTES
2) Activity – to make the kids talk, like show and tell, nursery rhyme, a song, picture talk, role play, etc. for 20 MINUTES
3) Break – for snacks – 5 MINUTES
4) Book – a new book on saturday, the repition of that book on sunday for 15 MINUTES

Since the tennis ball game is becoming a bit monotonous, we have decided to replace it for with passing the parcel for the next few classes. The teachers who are in charge with teaching each class will have to coordinate between themselves and create the parcel, or any other materials they require for the game.

We also discussed the general structure of lessons when people are learning a foreign language, and found out that they usually begin with numbers, then move on to describing yourself and directions to go to a place. After this, they begin picking out common public places and teach the vocabulary associated with it, as well as general conversation and interaction for each place, like the market, airport, train station, etc. We have done numbers and a part of describing yourself with the kids, and the suggestion is that we could somewhat follow this kind of structure.

As was mentioned in the post “Class Recaps“, this weekend (11th and 12th September) has been given a holiday to all volunteers and kids for Ganesh Chaturti. Have a great weekend!


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