The Aspire Initiative – an Oberoi Woods Social Project

Posted: August 7, 2010 in Volunteer Meetings

Hi everyone! We had our first committee meeting today and discussed how to start off this initiative. 7 people turned up today, and it was quite a successful and productive meeting. A full update will probably be up on the blog by tomorrow.

Just to give everyone an introduction to what Aspire is all about:

Aspire was started by my sister, Shilpa, who decided that this was an awesome way to create a change; the very change that many people just talk about with one another. Together, we managed to track down (and in some cases, chase!) several maids who are employed by the residents in the Oberoi Woods Community and proposed the idea of giving pro-bono English Language lessons to their children.

Their level of interest was completely unanticipated – in about an hour or so we had a list of 17 children from the ages of 7 to 14. We had not even expected to get 10, so this was an extremely pleasant surprise. We then went about creating 2 flyers to recruit some volunteers. The response was slow in the beginning but soon the news spread and we even caught the interest of people who weren’t residents here, which was very encouraging.

So, as I mentioned earlier, we were able to organize a meeting between some of the volunteers today. I’ve attached the meeting’s agenda to this post – so feel free to take a look and post a comment if you have any suggestions! Aspire is an open community project and we invite anyone interested to help us in our efforts.

Aspire – First Meeting Agenda

If you live nearby, or anywhere in Mumbai, and would be interested to help out or give us some advice, we’d love to hear from you. I’ve attached our promotional fliers below so either drop us a comment with your contact details or contact us using the phone number on the fliers:

Students Wanted!

Volunteers Wanted!

  1. smriti sinha says:

    Hi Shilpa n Ahalya
    gr8 wk done! all d best 4 d next meeting.
    1) v can add 2more student so d srength of d class now stands at 19 I guess??
    2) Purvasha Sinha will be joining us for teaching. so her name can b added 2 d list of teachers
    Thursday 2pm is okay wid me
    gud luck

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